Lumar Seafood International relies on 50 years of experience in the maritime world – experience derived from direct fishing activities in international fishing areas, with substantial knowledge of fleets, responsible fishing activities, and management of international companies related to the fishing sector.

Our entry into the fish processing and food sector came to light as a natural evolution of our fishing experience. In 2006, our state-of-the-art processing plant was inaugurated in Galicia, Spain, with the clear objective of creating a line of value added seafood products stemming from sustainable and responsible sourcing.

As years went by Lumar has always been in constant improvement, and growth has boosted our presence in international markets, all throughout the European Union and abroad. But despite this deep evolution, our mission remains the same than at our beginning: to be recognised as a leading seafood producer offering healthy, innovative and superior quality products derived from sustainable sources by acting responsibly and with commitment towards all stakeholders.